Etnica - Live In Athens 96 - 3LP

Hello Everyone!

As you all know, vinyls are coming back strongly on the market and with good reason! The format is timeless. In the early years of recording over 100 years ago, music was recorded on flat discs with grooves and the format persisted for a century and still hasn't fully disappeared. We like the CD with its purity, but there is no doubt that the classic analog sound and warmth of a vinyl is hardly equaled and surely magical.

A lot of people went crazy with the album Etnica - Live in Athens 1996 and justly demanded a vinyl release. After long consideration and investigation into different options of pressing/mastering, I came up with the idea of a crowd-funding project where you pre-order one or more copies of the album to finance its physical realization.

So with no further swirls of words, I give you here the link to check out the project on your own!


Etnica - Live In Athens 96 - 3LP


And some beautiful Vinyl Grooves...

Vinyl Grooves

Please, pledge ahead!!