Etnica - Live In Athens 1996 - 3LP - Limited Edition - [DATLP004]


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As you all know, vinyls are coming back strongly on the market and with good reason, the format is timeless. In the early years of recording music was recorded on flat discs with grooves and the format persisted. We like the CD with its purity, but there is no doubt that the classic analogue sound and warmth of a vinyl is hardly equalled and surely magical.

A lot of people went crazy with the album Etnica - Live in Athens 1996 and justly demanded a vinyl release. After long consideration and investigation into different options of pressing/mastering, I came up with the idea of a crowd-funding project where you pre-order one or more copies of the album to finance its physical realisation. The project was half funded back in 2014 but the release was a success, we pressed 300 copies and they are almost sold out.


So with no further swirls of words, I give you here the link to check out the project on your own:




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And some beautiful Vinyl Grooves...

Vinyl Grooves


Etnica need no introduction: they have been storming the dance floors all over the world for two decades now.
Innovators since the very beginning, they inspired many producers and are considered to be leaders and among the best artists ever in the Goa Trance realm.

The release of this live set is something that was very much needed, to signal to the world how epic a live performance can be. On that night of the 12th of October 1996, magic was created, a wonderful set was recorded, and it is now ready to be broadcast to the world.

This album was successfully released in 2012 on a 2CD featuring also a selection of Etnica’s best unreleased productions, spanning 1995 to 1998, their golden years. Later on the idea of making it into a vinyl release took place and a crowdfunding was launched in February 2014. After 5 months of hard work the release was successfully published.

Very Limited and very expensive to produce you get a little jewel, the magic of the liveset captured into vinyl grooves, what a treat! You will hear this music engraved forever into this timeless format and the records would survive the CD era as well.

This release is a must-have, a historical document from when digital production was still unknown and music was created in its purest form. The tracks have undergone significant mastering and restoration, as the DAT tapes where the music was kept were not in the best condition, so they are now available in the best possible sound.

Vinyl's have been pressed on 180 gram virgin vinyl, for the best possible result and the Gatefold has been printed on heavy carton with opaque finishing. The release includes digital download of the source files, complete artwork and a reprint of the original flyer of the party!


All the classics of the band are included in this release - you have no excuse to not like this opus.

So sit back and enjoy Etnica’s timeless melodies.


Live In Athens 1996

A1 Etnica – Plastic

A2 Etnica – Floating Universe

B1 Blue Planet Corporation – Antidote (Etnica Remix)

B2 Etnica – Nice Toys

C1 Etnica – Vimana

C2 Crop Circles – Lunar Civilization (Etnica Remix)

Best Of Unreleased

D1 Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay

D2 Pleiadians - Jungle Trax (Etnica Remix)

E Pleiadians - Time Dilation (Etnica Morning Mix)

F Etnica - Mental Puzzle



Compiled & Selected By: Draeke
Artwork By: Totemical & Mars
Masterd By: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension
Special Audio Restoration of "Etnica - Mental Puzzle" By: SeeWhyAudio

Release Date: 29th September 2014

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