Tranquence - A.S. We Were [UGR 005]



Unreleased Goa Records proudly presents its fifth release : 'A.S. We Were', the outstanding album of the Finnish prodigy 'Tranquence'. Aki Malinen, the artist behind this project, started to produce Goa Trance music in 1996, while experimenting with software such as Fast Tracker 2. The following years, he created his own samples in addition of editing sounds, using freeware synths and other software, until he decided to buy hardware synths. This is how he came to develop a unique mystical style, blending metal with different electronic genres to give birth, in his own words, to 'fast and melodic Goa trance with a hint of 'in the dark forest, looking at the bright stars' vibe'.


Some of his amazing Goa Trance tracks were once available on popular platforms such as and, and have been downloaded thousands of times. However, the artist and his name remained a mystery for nearly two decades, until Aki broke anonymity by commenting on one of his tracks hosted on a YouTube channel last year. Unreleased Goa Records seized the opportunity to officially release in full quality his best hits as well as tracks which were never available before.


All album tracks have been produced with hardware synths using Reason between 2000 and 2003, except for 'A.S. We Were' and 'Hey !' which were started in 2001, but never finished back then. Aki decided to complete both of them for the purpose of his album, which has a particular significance to him. 'The album title 'A.S. We Were', for me, personally, is a kind of desire to get back in time and do things differently in the past. Things that have been done or not done, said or not, change the day we are living now. We all know that it is not possible to go back in time, but it is still possible to learn all the things that happen in life and change things by this way. We all make mistakes. 'A.S. We Were' has therefore a symbolic meaning for me. This album is also dedicated to a very important person in my life, S. Weck.'



1. A.S. We Were 09:25

2. Drop 07:38

3. Distance To Future 08:57

4. Floating Orbit 10:17

5. Forever After 08:01

6. Ancient Aliens (2002 Remix) 08:41

7. Hey! 07:53

8. Stoned Tribes 10:52

9. Freaky Fungus 10:01

10. Not Like Planet Earth 09:43

11. The Ghost Of Darkness 07:34


Written By, Producer: Aki Malinen

Mastered By: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension

Executive Producers: Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis

Artwork by: Shiva Ohm, Federico Draeke


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Release Date: 24th January 2020