Sneila - Rebirth [UGR 002]



Unreleased Goa Records celebrates, with its second release, the return of Sneila, a veteran of the Goa Trance
scene, who has been silent for almost 20 years now. Co-founder of the first Romanian electronic festivals TMBASE,
previously known for his involvement in the MFDN band in 1995, Cosmin Constantinescu created 'Sneila'
(a backwards for 'Aliens') at the end of the 90's.


This prolific project, inspired by the conspiracy theories related to extra-terrestrial intelligence
(the 'alliance' with the 'aliens' covered by 'a lie'), gave birth to several compilation tracks and two popular albums:
'Implosion' (2000) and 'Species' (2001), once available as DAM CD's on and soon to be re-released
for the first time ever in full quality on DAT Records' sublabel. Before the project was deactivated in 2002,
Cosmin produced several tracks which show cast a bit of all his styles (Goa, Progressive and Downtempo),
and his evolution and progression in music production.


The 8 previously unreleased tracks and exclusive versions of released tracks featured on 'Rebirth' were exhumed
from the artist's vaults and are the result of his experiments.


U. Goa Records is proud to reintroduce Sneila's music to the scene and to promote it on a worldwide scale.

Enjoy the powerful tracks of this talented Romanian producer!



1. The Arrival 07:22

2. Meanwhile On Another Planet 06:27

3. A Hero Must Awake 07:01

4. The Dreamer's Guide 09:12

5. Vapors 07:13

6. Silence Of The Severs 13:54

7. Peas 07:32

8. We Breath Air 08:29



Artwork, Written By, Producer: Cosmin Constantinescu

Executive Producers: Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis


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Release Date: 24th October 2019