Shakti Twins - Shakti Twins [UGR 008]



Unreleased Goa Records celebrates the highly-anticipated return of Shakti Twins, a famous Goa Trance project of the 90’s, which resurfaced in recent years on social media. Shakti Twins comprises Dominique Patte, her son Tommy Genot, and Benjamin Schoendorff. They started as an artistic association in 1995 in France, where they built a studio and produced music. Two years later, they moved to Holland, where they set up the label Shakti Dance Productions. During this period, Shakti Twins organized and took part in many psytrance events in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Holland ("Temple of Light"), United Kingdom ("Cabbage"), France, Switzerland ("Black Sun Gathering"), Portugal ("Boom Festival"), Israel, Goa (India) and Koh Pha-ngan (Thailand). Dominique, known at the time as DJ Domy, mixed mostly ambient music and took care of deco and art installations. She also worked as a Grand VJ with Xpose, Photoshop and Illustrator to embellish parties with MIDI video projections played live on keyboard. DJ Tommy had his own studio and has been a prolific producer and contributor to the project. Shakti Twins and their label ceased operations in 2002.

The eponymous album presented here was initially available in limited quantity on CD-R format (with minor changes in tracklist) from the old Shakti Twins' website at the end of the 90’s, together with the more known "Psychedelic Family" compilation. All tracks were written in 1998 (except for "Psy Kike" in 2001), some of them in collaboration with artists Robin Graat, Gary Magoosa and Roberto Casse. They were produced using Cubase, Logic Audio, Vision and numerous analogue synths such as MS-20, Korg, Nordlead, Pulse, Waldorf, Novation Bass Station and Prophecy. They also used a sampler to record various voices, including that of Dominique’s daughter, Ayla. Legendary acts such as ManMadeMan, Andy Guthrie, Analog Pussy, Chakra and Eddie Mis, as well as artists of Matsuri Productions were the major sources of inspiration behind the music of Shakti Twins.

"Shakti Twins" is the first chapter of a trilogy planned on Unreleased Goa Records, which will include the digital reissue of "Psychedelic Family" and a third album containing previously unreleased material.


1. Shakti Twins – Newborn (Feat. Roberto)

2. Shakti Twins – The Shelter-Eved Skin

3. Shakti Twins – Onishta (Feat. DJ Robin)

4. Shakti Twins – Headspace (Feat. Gary)

5. Shakti Twins – Dubnoheadman

6. Shakti Twins – Downwinders

7. Shakti Twins – Unknown Legend

8. Shakti Twins – Psy Kike



All tracks written and produced by: Dominique Patte, Benjamin Schoendorff, Tommy Genot, except:

Track 1 co-produced with Roberto Casse

Track 3 co-produced with Robin Graat

Track 4 produced by Tommy Genot and Gary Magoosa

Mastered By: Benjamin Schoendorff ; except Track 4 by Jaroslav Valo

Audio restoration for Track 4: Federico Draeke

Artwork, Design By: Dominique Patte

Executive-producers: Vas Cosmogenesis, Federico Draeke

Catalogue number: UGR 008

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Release Date: 29th May 2020