PsyTrix - Nova [UGR 007]


Unreleased Goa Records is very excited to introduce “PsyTrix”, a top-secret Swedish Goa Trance project from the late 90’s, and its mindblowing album “Nova”. Born in Borås in 1975, Mattias Jarestad started his musical journey as a guitarist at the age of 16 and played for various hard rock and death metal bands. In the early 90’s, he transitioned to electronic music and started to produce Goa Trance in 1994 using at first Propellerheads ReBirth, and then some more advanced sequencing in Cubase with VST plugins and instruments. When Reason came out, he became a beta tester for Propellerheads and a skilled programmer. He first produced several Goa Trance tracks under the alias “X-Telligence” with Roland MC-505, Evolution MK-149 midi keyboard, ReBirth 2.01, SoundBlaster awe32, Pentium II 300. Some of these were available, only in low quality, on the legendary platform. In 1999, Mattias decided to change his artist name to “PsyTrix” as his style took a more psychedelic direction.

Psytrix is a Latin word for a very special orchid flower called "Sophrolaelia Psytrix Sl. Psyche x Sl. Gratrixaie)", and embodies Mattias’s interest in the beauty of ordinary things in life, psychedelic experiences and people around him. This album reunites two pieces produced between 1999 and 2000, “Nova“ and “Overdrive“, with seven tracks completed between 2002 and 2003, using only hardware synths such as Roland Juno-106 and Novation SuperBass Station, except for effects and sound processing. The explosiveness of PsyTrix music, – a hard-hitting style combining pumping bass sounds with powerful MFGish leads and acidic lines –, reached East Europe where the artist played at several occasions, including the 2003 edition of the Cosmic Dance Festival in Piestany, Slovakia.


01 - Cyanide

02 - Ancient Future

03 - In Life

04 - Overdrive

05 - Nova

06 - ReConstruction

07 - Clusters Of Time

08 - Spooked

09 - Automaticly Insane


Written-By, Producer: Mattias Jarestad

Mastered By: Mattias Jarestad

Artwork, Design: Shiva Ohm, Federico Draeke

Executive-Producers: Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis

Catalogue number: UGR 007

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Release Date: 24th April 2020