Psychogen - Psychogenius [UGR 003]



Unreleased Goa Records is very pleased to present Psychogen, a Danish Goa Trance duo project of the 90's. Kasper Hoy Nielsen and Emil Arffmann Hansen, two active members of the demo/tracker group Xevius Productions between 1993 and 1997, started to produce Goa Trance music in 1995 and joined forces together to form 'Psychogen' in 1998. Before they used this project name on platforms such as the mythic site, they originally called themselves 'Psychogenius', which ultimately became the title of the present album.

The third release of DAT Records' sublabel features eleven amazing Goa Trance tracks written between 1998 and 1999, which were never released until today. Produced with hardware synths such as Roland JP8080, Waldorf Q, Roland 2080, Kawai k5000, Alesis Andromeda, the album tracks were arranged and edited with tracker software like Jeskola Buzz, Matilde Tracker and Impulse Tracker, also using Propellerheads Rebirth and KarmaFX Synth, their self-made modular synth.

Connoisseurs of the Goa Trance music will easily detect in this album typical elements and direct inspiration from Astral Projection, Man With No Name, Cosmosis, X-Dream, Koxbox, Transwave, Hallucinogen, Color Box, MFG, Darshan and other legends that the Danish duo witnessed and enjoyed to a lot of parties back in the 90's.


1. Genepool 07:29

2. Reframe 08:14

3. Underworld 08:09

4. Psychokinesis 04:36

5. Phenotype 04:47

6. Flying Elephants 07:43

7. Gravitational Waves 06:47

8. Euforia 06:41

9. Kickbox 05:05

10. All Our People 07:44

11. Timebender 05:15



Written By, Producer, Artwork: Kasper Hoy Nielsen, Emil Arffmann Hansen

Mastered By: Holger Lagerfeldt

Executive Producers: Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis


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Release Date: 29th November 2019