Nemo - Paranoid Travelling EP & Awaaz - Ganesh Taal EP [UGR 009]



Unreleased Goa Records is very happy to present the double release of Nemo and Awaaz. Nemo Zimmer has been a good friend to DAT Records' owner Federico Draeke and has blessed us with some musical creations that we are releasing here to celebrate his life and cherish his memory. Unfortunately, Nemo has passed but his legacy lives on and with his music we'll be dancing for years to come. It's what Nemo always wanted: to dance and be happy and free, and I'd like to think he is doing just that even right now.

The first three tracks of Nemo's EP were originally intended to be on vinyl as AGL005 on his own Aglaja Records, a release that never materialised. Two more tracks were selected from his DAT tapes, also previously unreleased. At last we can enjoy Nemo’s music on this commemorative release.

Awaaz (real name: Rizwan) was an adopted Indian musician living in Sweden, who was composing music with trackers and an Amiga 500. Nemo bought the rights to his music in 1996 and went on to release two Awaaz tracks on vinyl on his Aglaja Records label. The story of said release is mysterious: Nemo paid for a pressing of one thousand copies, the records were indeed pressed but somehow they were lost, according to Koyote Records who were in charge of distributing them.

When Awaaz signed a deal with Nemo, he granted to the label perpetual ownership of the music. Fast forward to a few years back... After DAT Records approached Nemo, interested about his music, he sent his DAT tapes to us to be ripped and preserved. Among Nemo's tracks, we were very happy to discover also some unreleased tracks of Awaaz on the tapes, which are now seeing the light of day for the first time.

When Nemo signed and transferred the rights of his music to DAT Records, he told us that the musician behind Awaaz project had passed, so we were presented with a chance to honor this man's memory as well. Tracks “Himalayan Dawn”, “Twilight Shadow” and “Alien Genesis” were named by label manager Federico Draeke as they were untitled on the DAT tapes.


Nemo Zimmer - Paranoid Travelling EP

01 - Nemo - Paranoid Delusion

02 - Nemo - Folded Space

03 - Nemo - Morning Star

04 - Nemo - Death Star

05 - Nemo - Aero

Awaaz - Ganesh Taal EP

06 - Awaaz - Ganesh Taal

07 - Awaaz - Alien Descendence

08 - Awaaz - Himalayan Dawn

09 - Awaaz - Twilight Shadow

10 - Awaaz - Alien Genesis

Please note that buying the release on Bandcamp does include the complete artwork with booklet, back, tray and even cd art. Enjoy



Tracks 1-5 written and produced by: Nemo DX Zimmer

Tracks 6-10 written and produced by: Awaaz

Mastered By: Kyriakos Sunborn

Artwork, Design By: Federico Draeke, Shiva Ohm

Executive-producer: Federico Draeke

Catalogue number: UGR 009

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Release Date: 12th June 2020