Liquid Sun - Interdimensional Phenomena [UGR 006]



Unreleased Goa Records returns after a two-month hiatus with 'Interdimensional Phenomena', an amazing album produced by a member of the DAT Records family, DJ Sunborn, otherwise known by the artist name 'Liquid Sun'. Born in Athens, Greece in 1965, Kyriakos Christoforou entered the world of music at the age of 14 when he bought his first guitar. In 1982, he created his first band playing rock music and in the following years joined several other local bands. He then started traveling around the world and made his first stop to Goa, in February 1993, where he became influenced by the new psychedelic revolution. Three years later, while spending his time as a traveler DJ, Kyriakos felt that the time was right to start making music again, but this time in the electronic genre. His warm and mysterious 'Liquid Sun' project was born in March 1996 and ever since has explored different facets, mostly through the prism of Psychedelic & Goa Trance.

From 1996 to 1999, Kyriakos was busy traveling and DJing for several months every year and could not fully focus on producing music. At the beginning, his equipment was also basic: a cheap 8-track sequencer and a Yamaha DX-11 synth, which was later complemented by a Nord Lead synth and a Yamaha drum module. Some of his best inspirations and musical ideas emerged from that period. From 1999 onward, with updated equipment, he went on to develop his musical project. In 2003, he played his music at the after party of Samothraki Dance Festival and a few months later released his first track, 'The Other Side of Morning', on Pagoda Records. Between 2004 and 2007, Kyriakos was a member of Harmonia Records and in May 2011 joined Neurotrance Records, where he released a second track, 'Hollow Man'. The next year, he self-released on Nimbit Music the MP3 album 'Aurora', which compiles various tracks produced from 2003 until 2010. Between February 2012 and May 2015, he was founder, manager, and art director of Space Alchemy Lab, together with Oberon. On this label he released an EP, 'Middle Earth' (March 2012), and a mini-album, 'Surrealistic Collage' (December 2014).

Meanwhile, Kyriakos became a major, ever-active contributor in the popularization of the Unreleased Goa Trance movement. In 2013, he created both the Facebook group 'Rare & Unreleased Electronic Psychedelia 1990 - 2004' and the website of the ambitious 'Unreleased Goa Project', where he published himself countless archive pages and referenced hundreds of Unreleased Goa and Psytrance tracks by famous and obscure artists from the 90's to the early 00's. He also played specific mixes with unreleased music for various online radios. In March 2015, he joined DAT Records as an official DJ and audio restoration engineer, and has since played at many Retro Goa parties and festivals in Greece, Israel, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Portugal, and Spain.

'Interdimensional Phenomena' is a compendium of Kyriakos' unique vision and experience of the Goa Trance music which spans three decades. It has been conceived as a journey from the deep past to the recent present, with the core of most tracks being produced between 1998 and 2006, then improved and completed over the years. During the last three months, every single track has been completely reworked almost from scratch especially for this release, aiming to preserve the original old-school psychedelic vibe by reaping the benefit of cutting-edge audio technology. It is the artist's vision that only the combination of both worlds will guarantee the best possible result for the future of our scene.

Some of the tracks presented here have been successfully tested at several events and particularly appreciated by the crowd for their compelling and expressive sounds, energetically articulated with mystical melodies and driving basslines. The album also includes as a bonus a wonderful tribute to Cosmosis’ hit “Spanish Gypsy”, brilliantly revisited by Kyriakos and exclusively available on Bandcamp.


01 - Voodoo Witchdoctors (Original name 'El-An-Ra', 2003)

02 - Dawn In The Forest Of Pan (Remix) (Original, 2002)

03 - Aurora (Assassins Mix) (Original, 2001)

04 - African Tribal Chant (Original name 'Phaethon's Voyage', 1998)

05 - Interdimensional Phenomena (2018)

06 - Darkness To Light (Become The Path Mix) (Original, 1999)

07 - Seasonal Affective Disorder (Remix) (Original, 2002)

08 - Mad Oliphants (Remix) (Original, 2013)

09 - Clear Liquid (Remix) (Original, 2006)

10 - Strange New World (Alternate Mix) (Original, 2018)

11 - Children Of The Sea (Remix) (Original, 2013)

12 - Velvet Space (Remix) (Original, 2001)

Bonus Track:

13 - Cosmosis - Spanish Gypsy (Liquid Sun Remix) (2020)

Composed by William Bryan Halsey

Remix - Liquid Sun

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Written-By, Producer: Kyriakos Christoforou

Mastered by: DJ Sunborn

Artwork, Design: Sunborn

Executive Producers: Vas Cosmogenesis, Federico Draeke

Catalogue number: UGR 006

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Release Date: 21st March 2020