Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming [UGR 001]



Unreleased Goa Records, a sublabel of DAT Records, proudly presents its inaugural release: 'Akashic Dreaming', the album of Dreamchild, a project of Melbourne-based artist John Vougioukas, otherwise known under the more established guises Nexus Crawler, Proto Materia and Sycophant.


Making its birth in early 1998, this project was essentially used as a foundation to evolve and to grow through experimentation in the Goa Trance genre. 'Akashic Dreaming' is driven by a fast pounding epic style which ranges from uplifting metallic Israeli trance with lot of layered synth sweeps to chill back trance with subtle magical tribal influences, while diving into darker sound dimensions and more grooving journeys. The energetic mind bending tracks included in this album melodically incorporate elements of psychedelic trance, techno and minimal to form an eclectic assemblage of pure Goa essence. They gained notoriety on the mythic and now defunct old MP3.com platform, where they were downloadable only in low MP3 format. The artist had to dig deeply into his old archives to recover the source files of his original album concept in order to offer his tracks in their full quality for the first time ever!


Over the years, John has performed his music across many parties and festivals throughout Australia and New Zealand, from the smaller setups hosted by the Green Ant crew to some of the bigger events including Earthcore and Tribeadelic.


This album is dedicated to the dreamers, to make their imagination a reality.


1 Arcania
2 Organic Nova
3 System Shock
4 Foxglove
5 Digital Mantra
6 Fractal Amoeba
7 Spiritual Flux
8 Manta Ray


Artwork, Design: David Bolton
Written-By, Producer: John Vougioukas
Mastered By: Jaroslav Valo
Executive-Producers: Federico Draeke, Vas Cosmogenesis

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Release Date: 18 October 2019