Virtuart & Symbiote EP [DATEP 002-004]

Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP - DATEP 002

Virtuart is Olivier Abitbol, French musician well known in the scene as he has been releasing tracks on many important labels in the 90s, including Koyote, Nova Tekk, Intoxygene & Mazzo. Virtuart is no stranger to Goa and the Psychedelic world and has previously released 2 albums and 2 singles back in the days plus featured on numbers of compilations.

The sound of Virtuart is captivating, dark and yet colourful, full of energy and psychedelic moments, and this single will show you how great his production is. The music was Produced in the late 90s but was freshly remastered with modern techniques by the artist himself and it sounds crystal clear with no compromises such as over compression, it was gently mastered for the best possible result.

Virtuart - Sacred Drop EP


1. Virtuart feat. Chronomyst - Madagascar2depeut
2. Virtuart feat. Chronomyst - Sacred Drop
3. Virtuart - L'Arôme de la Solitude (Batur Mix)

Artwork: Vladimir Trillobeat
Mastering: Virtuart
Style : Psychedelic Goa Trance

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Official Release Date Worldwide: 4th April 2014

Symbiote - Symbiote EP - DATEP 004

Symbiote is Samuel Côté, talented musician from Canada. He is a producer who was releasing his music in free format through modules in the tracker scene but the music published in this single was completely reworked in the studio for the release. Amazing melodies, haunting hypnotic vibes and tunnels through time, that is how you’ll feel while listening to these monster tracks courtesy of Symbiote.

DAT is proud to present this masterpiece for the world to enjoy, so let yourself go and entrance into this madness voyage through consciousness... are you ready to fly into your mind?

Symbiote - Symbiote EP


1. Symbiote - ...Phantasmagoria
2. Symbiote - ...Tiara
3. Symbiote - Abstraktd

Artwork: Oziris, Vladimir Trillobeat & Draeke
Mastering: Colin Bennun
Style : Symphonic Goa Trance

Samples here:

Official Release Date Worldwide: 4th April 2014

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