VA - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II [DATCDZNA]


It's with great honour that we want to announce that this year DJ Draeke and DJ Solitare have curated the official ZNA The Gathering compilation. We are so happy of the tracklist of the ZNA CD as it's really something special and we are very pleased with it. We are grateful to all the artists who believed in our project and wanted to publish a track on this unique compilation.

And here is our offering:


1 Man With No Name - Who Is It?
2 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force (Funky Angel Mix)
3 Masa - Infinite Space
4 Tromesa - Bonanza
5 Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Live Mix)
6 Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus (Summer 1996 Live Mix)
7 Ubar Tmar - VS (Early Mix)
8 Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix)
9 Battle Of The Future Buddhas - pH+ueKKed

Thanks for the support 


We are sure you will be delighted by the music - we can guarantee each of the tracks contained is truly special. The compilation is limited to 500 copies for sale.

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