Blue Planet Corporation - A Blueprint For Survival [DATCD002]


We at DAT Records are pleased to present our second release, A Blueprint For Survival, a two-disc old-school monster by none other than Blue Planet Corporation. BPC, an artist beloved by thousands of people all over the world: his sound touches deep into the heart, the melodies so deep and intense that you cannot help but to be filled with joy.


Disc 1

1-01. Intro
1-02. Overbloody Flood
1-03. Midian
1-04. Genetic
1-05. Juno Satellite
1-06. Psychonaut
1-07. Lubianka
1-08. Hemo Static+Overbloody Flood
1-09. Generator
1-10. Aquablue


Disc 2

2-01. Intro
2-02. Hemo Static II
2-03. Telekinetic
2-04. Sub Sonic Underground
2-05. Barocco
2-06. Goa Disco
2-07. Restore Hope
2-08. DNA
2-09. Antidote
2-10. Cyclothimic
2-11. Crystal


Written by:

Gabriel Masurel & Christophe Le Bras

Mastering by:

Tim Valkenburg & Johannes Regnier


Nicolas @ LoopsDesign25


Oldschool Goa Trance

Release Date:

7 August 2009


Disc 1

The tracks collected on Disc 1 are timeless classics. As a true pioneer of the genre, Blue Planet Corporation managed to release three timeless EPs that are still today avidly sought after and preciously worshipped by the true connoisseurs of this music. In the beginning it was not even Goa Trance: it was Trance, a heavenly trance that was beautiful and enchanting.

There has always been something to the sound of BPC that caught people and made them remember their tunes even after the party and want to re-listen to them at home. That’s why, after 15 years it was about time to propose, for the first time on CD ever, the complete collection of the tracks released on U.F.K. Recordings.

Disc 2

If Disc 1 wasn’t enough to justify a release, just wait until you hear what the second CD has to offer: a collection of never-before released tracks that Gabriel used to play at his live sets, and you can tell that they are exceptional. The track Hemo Static II is a true stormer, so beautiful and intense it gives chills up and down your spine and makes you dream about the perfection of Nature and of Art. And the journey has just begun.

The disc progresses marvellously into some intense and melodic tracks, and as a grande finale you can find, complete and remastered, three timeless classics of this artist: Antidote, Cyclothimic, and Crystal. These tracks need no introduction, and Cyclothimic in particular will strike a chord as it is for the first time ever released in its complete version on CD, as all of its appearances in compilations in the 90s featured some cut/edited version, and this version was only on the Flying Rhino EP. You don’t want to miss this: satisfaction guaranteed!




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