Label DJs

DAT Records has its own respected international DJs

DJ Draeke [Italy] - DAT Records founder

DJ Draeke - Easter Eggs 2020

DJ Solitare [Canada]
(1994-today) , joined DAT 2009

DJ Solitare - From The Darkness (DAT Promo Mix)

DJ Yani [Belgium]
(2009-today) joined DAT 2011

DJ Yani - Down The Rabbit Hole

DJ Sunborn [Greece]
(1985-today), joined DAT 2013

DJ Sunborn - Tales of Goa Part 7

DJ The Tree Tribe [India]
(2010-2019) Joined DAT 2014

DJ Tree Tribe - Lost In Trancelation

DJ Engel070 [France]

(1992-today) joined DAT 2015

DJ Engel070 - Return To The Future Oldschool Mix


DJ Chema Escudero [Spain]

(1995-today) Joined DAT 2016

DJ Chema Escudero - Goa Trance Set 90s

DJ Jordan [Greece]
(1995-today) joined DAT 2016

DJ Jordan - Old School Memories

DJ MIR [Serbia]
(2017-today) Joined DAT 2018


DJ MIR - DAT Secrets of Unreal

DJ Garo [Italy]
(1994-today) joined DAT 2019

DJ Garo

DJ Garo - Vinyl DJ Set


DJ Twinpa
(1999-today) joined DAT 2019

DJ Twinpa - Goa Radio Live

DJ K904 [Israel]
(201X-today) joined DAT 2019

DJ K904 - Dog's End Season (coming soon!)

If you are interested in booking one of the DJ, please contact us or write to the DJs on their pages, Thank You