About DAT Records


Founded in 2008, DAT Records grew out of a dream of releasing the highly sought after yet then unreleased Crop Circles album, Tetrahedron. After Tetrahedron's success, it was a natural next step for DAT to continue on, poring over the archives of some of the most legendary producers of Goa and psychedelic trance, dusting off the gems, and getting them into the hands (and ears) of the public.


DAT aim to release beautiful party stormers that were simply too good to be released by the artists. These tracks were held in reserve, only to be brought out for their live or DJ sets. However, now is the time to bring these gems to the world! These tracks just aren't played out anymore and are gathering dust on tapes. So, before it's too late, let's finally allow the world to hear them!.


DAT would also like to state that the label is mostly interested in music produced during the 90s, since this is a concept venture that aims to release primarily old material . We have opened in 2019 a sub-label called Unreleased Goa Records where we would release digitally  talented artists from the 90s until now.


Stay tuned for more great releases!