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Morphic Resonance - Trip To The Stars EP [DATEP 007]


DAT Records is proud to announce the release of Morphic Resonance tribute EP.




Morphic Resonance – To The Stars EP


Pleiadians – Alcyone (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
Pleiadians – Maia (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
Pleiadians – Taygeta (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
Pleiadians – Moon In Your Window (Morphic Resonance Rmx II)
Crop Circles – Full Mental Jackpot (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
Crop Circles – Different Species (Morphic Resonance Rmx)
Etnica – Phetalic Vibes (Morphic Resonance Rmx)

Artwork: Miro Moric
Mastering: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension
Style : Goa Trance



Morphic Resonance is Cristian Fernandez, a Spanish producer who with this release wants to pay a tribute to his favourite band,  Etnica/Pleiadians.


Morphic Resonance has worked on these remixes for over three years and the quality is stellar. Produced with the same approach of the 90s, through MIDI and using real keyboards and synthesizers, these monster remixes deliver to eternity the magical sound of the living legends of goa trance.


These tunes will find their way into every set in the upcoming summer as they are full of majestic psychedelia, wonderfully arranged and teleporting listeners to the stars. 
DAT Records is pleased to release this with the blessing of the original creators of this music.


This production has been splendidly mastered at Analog Dimensions and the artwork is courtesy of Miro Moric. 

Dream and fly to the music of Etnica remixed by Morphic Resonance!




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Release Date: 12 May 2017

Virtuart - Virtuart & Friends [DATCD009]


DAT Records is proud to announce the release of this double album by Virtuart.





1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Vashisht

2 Virtuart & Franky - Wakatoom On The Road

3 Virtuart & Kshoo - Esprit Libre

4 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Sacred Drop

5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - 2068

6 Virtuart & Kshoo - N2 O

7 Virtuart & Maël - Neverending Party

8 Virtuart & Manitù - Red Spirit



1 Virtuart & Chronomyst - Prospector M

2 Virtuart - Light Lifter

3 Virtuart & Chronomyst - L'Karnaj

4 Virtuart & Manitù - Indian Summer

5 Virtuart & Nagar Bhatti - Svadeshi

6 Underhead - Orejuna

7 Virtuart - La Sorcière Des Sables & L'Homme Libre (Sandoz Mix)

8 Virtuart - L'Annee Des 13 Lunes (Galactic Time Mix)


This album was conceived and produced back in the 90s, with the help of many producers and friends. It was never properly released and 100 copies only were ever produced. However, the tracks released back then, were different as the Artist explains, as he worked on the tracks for a long time and had different mixes for each track. Thus the first copies burned and sold around had earlier versions of the tracks, and as time passed by he changed the mixes contained on that scarcely available release. So it is for the first time that Virtuart gathered all the best mixes ever done for these tracks and authorised their official release.


The second part of the album contains rare and unreleased tracks judiciously collected for this release.  A Virtuart & Friends Volume 2 did exist but it was just given away to a bunch of friends, and never released or sold anywhere. A few tracks were changed of the original tracklist, as they were licensed and released during the years but DAT Records tried to keep it as faithful as possible to the original vision of Virtuart.


The music was splendidly mastered by Jaro @ Analog Dimensions, following direct rules on limiting compression, no loudness, and trying to keep the sound as organic and oldschool as possible, still giving it much more clarity, depth and polishing all the frequencies for your aural enjoyment. Marvellous artwork accompany the release, courtesy of genius Miro Moric, who re-interpreted the original idea of Olivier, giving us a shining coloured modern version of it.


A terrific release that will rock the dance floors around the world for many years to come.
Don’t miss it!






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Release Date: 23 December 2016


VA - Analog Trips [DATCD008]


DAT Records is proud to announce the release of their second compilation in a series of three with the theme of analog sounds.

From Dreams we have shifted towards Trips, denoting the fact that the music presented here is very trippy.

Every track here has been tested and worked wonders at parties, and we are sure you will love the diversity, consistency, and quality of the music.

Analog Triips


A retro Goa Trance collection packed with 9 unreleased floor-fillers from the 90s, Analog Trips opens with a mystical track courtesy of Medicine Drum, and the compilation then progresses with great tracks by all the masters of the scene: Etnica, Doof and Hallucinogen (collaborating under the project name Earglobe), Gus Till, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Excess Head, Elysium, and Opale deliver amazingly in this visionary compilation.




1 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force
W&P By Andy Guthrie & Chris Deckker

2 Elysium & Yaco Vam - Tears In The Rain
W&P By Kristian Thinning Andersen & Yacco Vijn

3 Gus BUS Till - That Sounds Swell!
W&P By Gus Till

4 Earglobe - Spherelobe
W&P By Simon Posford & Nick Barber

5 Excess Head - Expo
W&P By Graham Wood

6 Opale - Krakoa
W&P By Greg Bailay

7 Green Nuns Of The Revolution - Lost & Found
W&P By Dick Trevor, Matt Coldrick & Andy Smith

8 Etnica - Human Geometry
W&P By Andrea Rizzo, Carlo Paternò, Maurizio Begotti & Max Lanfranconi

9 Doof - Giving Godhead
W&P By Nick Barber




A terrific trip in analog sonorities, packed with acid lines and great samples from the minds of the best producers of that era.


As usual, every track has been wonderfully restored and remastered with stunning transparency, and the release features a splendid fluorescent jewel case to stand out in your fantastic collection.


Tune in and blast off!


Official Release date: 2016-06-24
Pre Orders from: 2016-06-10