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K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations [DATCD014]




Disc 1 – K.U.R.O.

01 - K.U.R.O. - Ginga
02 - K.U.R.O. - Daybreak
03 - K.U.R.O. - Electric Room
04 - K.U.R.O. - Automotive
05 - K.U.R.O. - Doppler Effect
06 - K.U.R.O. - Planet 1996
07 - K.U.R.O. - K-2
08 - K.U.R.O. - Transgate
09 - K.U.R.O. - Ionosphere
10 - K.U.R.O. - Copernicus
11 - K.U.R.O. - Magnolia
12 - K.U.R.O. - Outro

Disc 2 - Charm

01 - Charm - Archaic
02 - Charm - Deep Inside
03 - Charm - Atavistic Cycle
04 - Charm - Ancient Religion
05 - Charm - Global Village
06 - Charm - Spiritual Chaos
07 - Charm - Riders
08 - Charm - Untitled
09 - Charm - Big Bang
10 - Charm - Storm (Mecca)
11 - Charm - Around
12 - Charm - Sleepers

Disc 3

01 - Genshi - Future Memory
02 - Genshi - Medicine
03 - Genshi - Crystallize
04 - Genshi - Psycho Genetic Time
05 - Perfect Rainbow - Exotic Eye (Before Mix)
06 - Trance Warp - A Voyage With The Stars
07 - Sora - Night Child
08 - Sora - Flash
09 - Sora - Open



Miro Moric & Federico Draeke


K.U.R.O., Charm, and Genshi


Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension


Goa Trance


Description :

The triple album of K.U.R.O. & Charm is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the land of the rising sun. This music will make you dream of oriental landscapes, of lotus flowers, of psychedelic fragrances from a different universe, and feel the special energy of those years.

The DAT tapes were preserved as a treasure by the artist and we are so lucky that they remained in perfect condition for so long. All the tracks contained in this deluxe triple edition were in fact produced between 1992 and 1998, as explained in detail in the 8-page booklet included.


The collaboration with master K.U.R.O. is something that the label wanted to do for a very long time to promote the incredible Japanese sound worldwide and to create a bond with the land of the magic.


DAT Records is so proud to present a spectacular selection from the Japanese masters and we are sure that you may remember these tracks from partying in Japan while others will be delighted to hear these compositions for the first time. The music has been remastered from the original master files by Analog Dimension, and both the artists and the label are very happy with the results, so have fun and enjoy this superb music.


We also have included in this release four wonderful tracks by Genshi, previously only available in Japan on a rare CD-r on Baobab, don't miss the chance to finally own these super psychedelic stormers!


Release Date: 11 October 2019

Please support the label and purchase your original copy on DAT webshop, on Discogs or on Bandcamp

Crop Circles - Tetrahedron - 3LP - Limited Edition - [DATLP001]


DAT Records are incredibly happy to present the expanded version of the mythical Tetrahedron album for the first time ever on vinyl! A wonderful collector's edition housed in a beautiful triple Deluxe Gatefold, a stellar addition for everyone who appreciated the wonderful alchemy created by the Italian Maestros.



It comes in 3 different editions: Black / Fluo Neon Green / Splattered Neon Green with Dark Green and Black. Pressed at 180 grams per record, it exists in only 69 copies per edition available to the public. We used premium virgin vinyl only and have worked with a team of audio engineer to ensure the colours used, would reproduce the music perfectly, even on the splatter edition. It's rare to have this kind of effect with no audio compromise, but we have achieved it and we are sure you will love the result.


Crop Circles - Tetrahedron


A Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix)

B1 Antonomasia (Remix)

B2 Daffy Duck On The Comet

C1 Pentagon

C2 Classic Process [Hale-Bopp]

D1 Cerealogy

D2 Full Mental Jackpot [Etnica Remix II]

E1 Ghost Circle

E2 No More Singles (Remix)

F1 Fried Vegans

F2 Skunkerie


Miro Moric & Federico Draeke


Crop Circles


Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension


Goa Trance


As you may have noticed, there are some never before heard exclusive tracks that will be available for the very first time and only on this release, making it extra special. We were able to locate these mythical and rare tracks on some lost DAT tapes that the band had archived in Milan and that had forgotten about.

The music has been gently mastered, taking extra care in preserving the dynamics of the original recordings, after an attempt restoration process that was needed for some of the tracks found on the DAT tapes. The tracks have been taken from source tapes once again and mastered by Analog Dimension, with a special treatment designed for vinyl, so once again we started from scratch to ensure the best possible result.


Prepare for an interstellar trip, a joyful explosion of extra terrestrial music that will take you to places you cannot imagine or dream.


Official Release Date: 23rd November 2019


Limited to ONE copy per customer, the Vinyl will be available through DAT Records website or on Bandcamp.

Digital Download will appear later on, for now it's vinyl only.


VA - ZNA Gathering Retro Futuristic Compilation II [DATCDZNA]


It's with great honour that we want to announce that this year DJ Draeke and DJ Solitare have curated the official ZNA The Gathering compilation. We are so happy of the tracklist of the ZNA CD as it's really something special and we are very pleased with it. We are grateful to all the artists who believed in our project and wanted to publish a track on this unique compilation.

And here is our offering:


1 Man With No Name - Who Is It?
2 Medicine Drum - Angelic Force (Funky Angel Mix)
3 Masa - Infinite Space
4 Tromesa - Bonanza
5 Technossomy - Elektron Bender (Live Mix)
6 Total Eclipse - Chaotic Circus (Summer 1996 Live Mix)
7 Ubar Tmar - VS (Early Mix)
8 Hallucinogen - Horrorgram (Remix)
9 Battle Of The Future Buddhas - pH+ueKKed

Thanks for the support 


We are sure you will be delighted by the music - we can guarantee each of the tracks contained is truly special. The compilation is limited to 500 copies for sale.

Order it here