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VA - Mind Rewind [DMRCD01]


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The psychedelic trance music from the early days of the scene holds a special place in many people’s hearts. The enthusiasm, emotion, and energy in the music was palpable to all who attended parties and listened to the music of the time. A dedicated group of collectors united from the Discogs forum have collaborated to produce a limited edition 2-CD set of rare tracks from the early days that is sure to bring some spine-tingling vibrations to fans of this music.

Mind Rewind features 20 tracks by some of the top artists of the scene, all of them new to CD. Much of the music played at parties in the early days circulated on digital audio tape and would not be released, only being heard at Goa-style events.

DAT Mafia Recordings was created to be able to have this compilation that features top tracks from these formative years of the psychedelic trance scene to be released properly and is a sub-label of DAT Records.

On the compilation there are three vinyl-only releases here, two of them featuring Simon Posford, with the rest having never been released in any format.

Among the gems are three tracks featuring Psychaos’ Joti Sidhu, two of them rare collaborations (one with Ofer, the other with Etnica); a different mix of Doof’s classic Mars Needs Women; a collaboration between Graham Wood of The Infinity Project and Serge Souque of Total Eclipse; and an unissued edit of Kwo-Ne-She by The Green Nuns of the Revolution that member Dick Trevor prefers to the released version. The other brilliant artists featured on the compilation include Etnica, Total Eclipse, Electric Universe, Dimension 5, Deflo, Zerotonine, Blue Planet Corporation, Slinky Nuns, The Muses Rapt, Uni-vers Concept, Infinite Zen, Mushroomman, and Aural Planet.

This limited edition release features tracks generously donated by the artists to raise money for the Goa-based charity Children Walking Tall (now called MangoTreeGoa), and has been pressed in 600 copies the first run and in 400 copies the repress, for a total of 1000. With stunning graphic design and a 12-page booklet featuring detailed notes about the music and the sessions behind them provided by the artists themselves, this set is sure to be a treasured release for the trance-spotting collector.

: Mind Rewind
Label: DAT Mafia Recordings
Catalog#: DMRCD01
Format: 2 × CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
Country: Italy
Released: 01 Sep 2011
Style: Goa Trance
Mastered by: Colin Bennun

01 Green Nuns Of The Revolution – Kwo-Ne-She (Original Unreleased Version)
02 Deflo – Salt Lake
03 Doof – Mars Needs Women (Just 3 Words Mix)
04 Etnichaos – The Other Side Of Reality
05 Dimension 5 – Ganymede (Guitar Mix)
06 Infinite Zen – Friends From Tau-Ceti
07 Etnica – Shadow Dance
08 Slinky Nuns – Caught In The Zipper
09 Zerotonine – Two Faces
10 Blue Planet Corporation – High NRG

01 Joti & Ofer – No Name
02 Total Eclipse – Sound Is Solid (Total Eclipse & Simon Posford Remix)
03 Graham & Serge – The Full Monty
04 The Muses Rapt – Mediums Of Trance
05 Psychaos – Return Voyage
06 Mushroomman – N.I.S.
07 Uni-Vers Concept – Phase One
08 Electric Universe – Rain (Original Unreleased Version)
09 Aural Planet – Changing My Mind
10 North Central Positronics – The Great Bear

Official Release Date: 1st September 2011
Official Repress : 23rd December 2014

To purchase the Repress, you have to send a payment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , the release will be shipped from Poland. The release might be purchased alone or in combination with Mind Rewind 2. 

Price per copy is 15 eur + shipping (see below)
If you want to buy Mind Rewind 1 & 2 the price for both is 30 eur + shipping (see below)

This is a special deal for who decides to buy them both together.

Shipping Prices are as follows:



2-4 copies - 5 eur
5-7 copies - 9 eur


2 copies - 5 eur
3-4 copies - 6 eur
5-7 copies - 11 eur


2 copies - 5 eur
3-4 copies - 7,5 eur
5-7 copies - 12,50 eur


2 copies - 5 eur
3-4 copies - 10 eur
5-7 copies - 18 eur


The donation from the first pressing was mentioned on the newsletter of MangoTreeGoa, check it here: