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Gangguru - Be Your Own Guru [DATCD012]


The triple album of Gangguru is something completely unexpected, a treasure from the past teleported right to the present. This music was preserved on DAT tapes by the band, and a couple of years ago the DAT Records team digitised it and with the help of the producers identified and sorted a multitude of storming Goa Trance tracks. These have been remastered and tested on dance-floors during this period and it's now time to unleash them to the future for everyone to have and enjoy. These tracks are potent DJ tools and were played all over back in the 90s, at least one DJ remembering the band's early productions being played in Goa in 1996.


DAT Records is proud to present a spectacular selection of the best of the best from over a hundred tracks that the band produced in the 90s, and we are sure that many will remember these tracks from their partying times and others will delight in hearing these creations for the first time.


The tracks have been wonderfully remastered and are ready to be played out loud at events for years to come, so have fun and enjoy the trippy and magical music of Gangguru!


Be sure to get your original copy so you can read the incredible story of the band and the behind-the-scenes tales that emerged during an extensive interview.



Disc 1

01. Ramawaï

02. Nothing Else Matters

03. Ascension

04. Moon Dust

05. 51 Pegasi b

06. Japanese Fight

07. Dragon Cry

08. Alien Bell

09. Looping World

10. Fire

11. Storm


Disc 2

01. Indica

02. Orient Express

03. White Moon

04. Mystic Forest

05. Holophonia

06. Mermaid Story

07. SDF

08. Tribal Gathering

09. Above The Clouds

10. New Future

11. Mantra


Disc 3

01. En Definitif

02. Astral

03. Floppy

04. Tse Tse

05. Pentagram

06. Hexagram

07. Radio Disjoncted

08. Running

09. Ellipsoid

10. Octogram

11. Hectogram


Artwork: Federico Draeke

Mastering: Jaroslav Valo @ Analog Dimension

Style: Goa Trance, Psychedelic Trance


Barcode No: 5060376223132

Release Date: 7th September 2018

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Etnica - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light [DATCD010]

Etnica are legends in the Goa and Psychedelic Trance genre, and they should be known to everyone who has partied in the last 25 years.

DAT are immensely proud to reissue their first original creation, "The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light" album, including rare and unreleased tracks the band produced between 1993 and 1995.


Released into a triple deluxe Digipak, it features a 16 page booklet with the history of the Etnica group.

It is a stellar edition and a real collector’s item for whoever wants to own the first and incredibly beautiful album of the Italian Maestros.


CD1 - The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light

01. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage
02. Etnica - Infinitive Dream
03. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Ketu Rmx)
04. Etnica - Vicky's Dream
05. Etnica - Moon Influence
06. Etnica - Spheric Koncept
07. Etnica - Mystical Appearance In Goa

08. Etnica - A Tribute To Goa
09. Etnica - Intense Visitation (Visitation Of Energy Mix)

CD2  - Mystical Vibes

01. Etnica - The Gili's Voyage (Early Mix)
02. Etnica - Mystical Appearance In Goa (Remix)
03. Etnica - Asian Code 7
04. Etnica - Still Botta
05. Etnica - Synthesis (Shadow Of The Moog)
06. Etnica - Fractal Gates
07. Etnica - Acid Shell
08. Etnica - Chemical Trance (Original Mix)

CD3 - The Early Years

01. Etnica - Fingers
02. Etnica - Gollum
03. Etnica - Big Dust In Chapora Fort
04. Etnica - Whales
05. Etnica - Bali Island
06. Etnica - 38° Parallelo
07. Etnica - Pacific Love
08. Etnica - J.H. Sound
09. Tribe - Gilligan's Island
10. Etnica - Evolis
11. Etnica - Big Dust In Chapora Fort (Piano Remix)

The Juggeling Alchemists Under The Black Light is Etnica's first album, a seminal release in the history of Goa Trance music. It was first released in 1995 and has been sold out for a very long time now, so DAT Records searched the archives of the band and found some incredible tracks from the era which had never been released, including some very early demos and test tracks that the band has kept for all this time, since its inception and their first productions of 1993.

This spectacular triple digipak will satisfy every fan of the band, and the music contained is really floating, magical, and very special. It also includes many trance and proto goa tracks that will be loved by everyone who danced in the 90s but will also be very appealing to the new generation, since every track has now been mastered for this epic release.

We do hope you will support the hard work behind this release that took over 2 years to prepare for release. It is with great pleasure that we want you to once again dance and trance to the magical music of Etnica.


Prepare for a tribal trip, you'll be teleported to a jungle of sounds and feel the mystical vibes of this marvellous album wrap all around you!

Released: 6th April 2018
Pre-Orders: 26th March 2018

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The track that was released on CD2 as "Etnica - Party Druid (Sonic Shaman)" was a misnamed DAT track and it is actually "Evolution - Alien Phenomenon". The authors have been notified and an agreement has been found to apologise for this honest mistake. Neither the band nor the label recognised this track or thought it was from another artist and thus this happened. We think it is a very oldschool goa trance situation where often tracks were misnamed on DAT tapes for various reasons, however we are really satisfied by this gargantuam release and have heard wonderful feedbacks.

You'll Never Know - You'll Never Know EP [DATGOA001]

You'll Never Know - You'll Never Know EP

This Release is very special.


It is the story of the track that was the biggest hit in Goa during the season 1991/92.
How it ended up there, it's a fabulous tale.

Read it here...


The year is 1991 and the season in Goa is going to be a blast.  All the DJs are exchanging tracks for the upcoming parties, but there is a track, THE track, that everyone wants to have and to play.

A hypnotic piece that is “You Never Know”.

Read the story from the Artist:

“There was a time when we suddenly appeared at the Goa scene with You Never Know, which was one of the first tracks we made after forming the band.

The track ended up in Goa, without any appearance from either me or my partner because at that time I knew a French guy in Denmark, Besugh, who was totally into the Goa scene at that time, constantly walking around with his DAT recorder, collecting tracks from all over as well as DJing around the Aarhus scene. Every year he went to Goa for the winter playing at venues; he had his second home down there.

I played the track for him once and he asked for a copy.

When I saw him the next time, after he had been in Goa for the winter, he was completely crazy, screaming that "You Never Know" that year was the biggest hit in Goa. I know that Frank from Koxbox mentioned it to me as well. Besugh was the "main man" that year at the beaches, since he was the one who had the only copy of the track.

Since you have been so determined for such a long time, to look up about who was behind it, me and my partner will allow you and DAT records to license the track.  We are both happy that our track had, and obviously still has, an impact. It personally reminds me about the time when I was young and eager to contribute to the electronic music scene. This all happened a few years before we became famous musicians.

Thanks again for bringing this memory up.”


The track is mystical and there are people who have been looking for this tune for so many years on every techno and trance record they could find from, yet it eluded everyone because it has never been released before.

We are so proud to be able to offer this fantastic track that was lost on an almost unreadable CD-r, the sole surviving copy, together with three other bombs from the same demo, bringing back that original vibe, from the sunny beaches of Goa teleported directly to modern times, to preserve this music for eternity.

We are so grateful to have been given the rights to release this - it is a rare chance and we thank the producers profoundly and to help give this epic track the deserved glory and place in history that it deserves.

Play it loud and enjoy it!


Mastered by Jaro Valo @ Analog Dimensions
Executive Producer: Federico Draeke
Photography by: C. Willensen


Released 16 June 2017 on vinyl (black/clear) and later as digital download.

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